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Septic Tank Servicing and Maintenance

Your Septic System requires servicing every two-three years.

A blocked soak line/hole is an expensive reminder to clean your tank regularly.

The main way to avoid Septic System failure is periodic tank servicing. As time progresses, retention times within the tank are reduced substantially; sludge layers at the bottom of the tank built up over this period are within reach of the tank outlet.
Although, your septic system may appear to be working for a long time without maintenance, it will eventually "crash” leaving the Soak Line/Hole full with sludge.

Replacing your soak line/hole is more expensive and intrusive than servicing your tank regularly.

As a rule of thumb, every two - three years your tank needs to be serviced.

Points to be aware of:

tick Retention time: the time waste is retained within the Septic Tank enabling settling of solids prior to exiting the tank into the Soak Line / Soak Hole.
tick Two – three year tank servicing ensures optimum retention periods are maintained and minimal sludge exits the tank into the Soak Line / Hole.
tick All solid matter that exits your septic tank WILL contribute toward the demise of your Soak Line / Hole – which is often very expensive to repair.
tick As the level of solids and sludge increases within the tank the incoming effluent remains in the tank for less time (retention period) thereby increasing the quantity of suspended matter exiting the tank to the Soak Line / Hole.
tick Your tank will “appear” to be working well for a long time before any problem becomes visible.
tick Leaving your tank to overflow before servicing is already causing problems to your Soak Line / Hole.
tick Heavy influxes of water (such as continuous laundry loads, emptying the bath) will disrupt and re-suspend the settled solids and sludge causing it to exit to the Soak Line / Hole.
tick Septic Tank additives (bacteria and/or enzyme) to reduce the solids may reintroduce solid matter into suspension that then can exit to the Soak Line / Hole (Extreme caution is recommended when utilising any septic system additive).
tick To replace a Soakage Line / Soak Hole within many districts requires consent. In some areas this may mean the upgrading and replacement of both the septic tank and the Soakage Line / Soak Hole.
tick A tank that is drained through the mushroom IS NOT clean. This process merely removes the effluent liquid leaving the solids and most the sludge behind, which will accumulate with future solids and sludge causing large quantities of suspended matter to travel down the Soak Line / Hole and eventually block it. Improving the performance of your system and avoiding major problems can be achieved by applying some simple common-sense principles:

tick Repair leaking taps.

tick Install a Dual-flush cistern.

tick Never flush personal hygiene products down the toilet.

tick Never flush medicines or unwanted prescription drugs down the toilet.

tick Use moderate amounts of white only toilet paper.

tick Have showers instead of baths - showers use less water.

tick Take shorter showers and use less shampoos.

tick Minimise the use of cleaners – and use biodegradable cleaners.

tick Don’t use disinfectants that are placed in the bowl or cistern.

tick Avoid using the dishwasher.

tick Use liquid detergents where ever possible.

tick Use phosphate-free detergents and soaps.

tick Don’t use a Waste Disposal Unit or dispose of undigested food products in the Sewage System.

tick Distribute the laundry evenly through the week to avoid overloading the system with large
      volumes of water.

tick Tilt the plug when emptying the bath.

tick Wash only full loads – or adjust level settings for small loads.

tick Avoid using stain removers – soaking clothes immediately often gets the same results as the best       stain removers.

tick Use minimal amounts of bleach.

tick Ensure all pool water, spa water and storm-water are diverted away from the Sewage System.

tick Never allow paints, chemicals, solvent products, anti-freeze or oils enter the Sewage System.

tick Don’t wash paintbrushes in the basin.

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