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Terms and Conditions of Service

These are the terms of your relationship with Brownfreight.

In remaining, or becoming, a Brownfreight customer, you and Brownfreight agree to these terms and conditions, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

These terms and conditions are a legally binding document between us.

These terms and conditions are effective from 1 January 2015. These terms and conditions replace our terms and conditions dated 1 October 2013. If you are an existing Brownfreight customer on 1 January 2015, these terms and conditions will apply to you from 1 February 2015. These terms and conditions replace any previous agreement(s) we have with you.

These terms and conditions apply to any Septic Tank service, repairs and all other costs associated with our service provided to you by us. Separate terms and conditions apply to any Septic Auto-Pay © arrangements we have in place.

If you need to contact us, please write to us at:

PO Box 38, Taneatua

  • or email us at
  • or call our Customer Care Team on: 0800 766 826

We will always try to respond to any enquiries as soon as reasonably possible.

Depending on current commitments at the time we receive your enquiry, we expect to respond to your enquiry within two business days.


What access do you need to provide?


  • provide to us with safe and unobstructed access to your septic tank;
  • ensure that any dog or other animal that may make entry unsafe is secured to enable safe and easy access;
  • keep us informed about any health and safety and/or Resource Management Act 1991 requirements or issues at your premises that could be relevant;
  • ensure your trees and other vegetation are trimmed to enable good vehicular access;

Our Commitment to you

  • your Septic System will be serviced to the highest standard possible and we will;
  • take reasonable steps to minimise any direct impact on your property and any inconvenience to you; and
  • try to comply with any reasonable requirements that you have given us (such as closing gates etc); and
  • leave your property in as clean and tidy condition as possible.


Payment is expected on completion of the service unless we have agreed otherwise. Methods of payments accepted, in order of preference are;

  •         cash
  •         cheque
  •         internet

We have no facility available for Eftpos or Credit Card.

If arrangement has been made to leave the Bill in your absence or leave the Bill for you to pay on-line, payment is required within seven (7) days.


Your Bill will show:

  •         the service carried out;
  •        any repairs carried out;    
  •        any charges for equipment hireage;
  •        a reminder to pay within 7 days;
  •        the Postal Address to send payment to; and
  •        the Bank Account number for on-line payments.


Penalties and Charges

Payment must be received by us by the due date ie: within 7 days of the billing date.

Unpaid bills over 7 days are overdue. All overdue payments may attract a standard penalty of 5%  after the first period (7 days) and 2.5% monthly thereafter.

All collection charges will be on-charged to you.


What if you can't pay?

We will try to help you in making payment arrangements with us, but if you do not pay the amounts due to us, you will incur fees for late payment and debt collection costs.  If circumstances arise, or are likely to arise, that mean you may incur a fee for debt collection, we will provide reasonable notice to you that such a fee will be payable.

Any costs incurred in collecting money owing to us by you, including bank fees, credit agency fees and legal and court costs, are payable by you.

If you are having difficulties in paying your Bill to us because you are a low income customer you may arrange for payment alternatives. Please call us on 0800 766 826 to discuss alternative payment methods.


Septic Auto-Pay ©

We offer a prepay pricing plan in some areas. If you are interested in a prepay pricing plan you will need to first arrange the service of your septic system prior to entering the Septic Auto-Pay © scheme.


Thank you for choosing Brownfreight.





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